Sunday, August 24, 2008

When Ex-Boyfriends Try To Make You Jealous

Is your ex-boyfriend deliberately trying to make you jealous? Perhaps flaunting a new girl in front of your face and doing things to hurt you on purpose?

Are you having a difficult time remaining in no contact and not sure how to take it anymore?

No one said it was going to be easy and your ex-boyfriend is not making things any easier on you but does this mean they want you back?

Well, first if they’re deliberately trying to get revenge of some kind, they’re pretty immature in the first place and you probably should move on from them anyway.

If you still want them back however, you should really ask yourself why you want to be with someone who treats you so poorly?

Even if you did do something to deserve it, immature behaviour is a sign that someone hasn’t grown up yet and hence won’t appreciate a real deep and meaningful relationship; one that you probably want.

The best thing to do is to ignore their actions and move on as if you’re the MATURE one. Remember you don’t want to sink to their level. Acting immature will only make you look just as bad as them and if you want to go down that route, then you get everything you deserve.


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